Horse Riding Clothes for My Daughter

When my husband and I moved into the country so we could be closer to both of our families, we were really excited because it meant that we would be able to give our daughter a better life. We had been living in a city where crime was becoming a common occurrence, and we wanted to trade in that life for one where she could become carefree instead of so cautious. A few months into our new home, she asked me if we could go online and look at childrens horse riding clothes.

That is when I knew that we had accomplished our mission. Not only were we happier being so close to our families, but we also had our daughter more concerned about what to wear on a horse ride instead of locking every door as soon as we got into our home. My parents own a large farm, and they have several horses there. Continue reading Horse Riding Clothes for My Daughter

Living Our Lives to Our Standard

Moving has never been an easy process for me. Wanting to move is easy, sure, but trying to pack up everything that I own into these small cardboard boxes is not exactly what I look forward to. There is just this strange disharmony that I experience whenever I begin to put my life away into boxes which, over the years, has led me to own fewer and fewer items. I don’t like the idea that my life can be summed up by boxes. This time around I have been looking at apartments for rent in portland oregon. Continue reading Living Our Lives to Our Standard

You Can’t Always Succeed Without Help

As someone who has succeeded at handling most things myself, I assumed the same would be true of the beginning years of my business, too. I am a pretty hands-on type of person. I was that way in school, relationships, friendships and daily life in general. When I started my new tech business a couple of years ago, I found myself trying to tackle as much as I could on my own. But I soon figured out that I needed help, and that is where Live Balance came in. I needed their help because I was not succeeding as much as I should have been.

I will give a little back story as to how I got into the position of falling behind that I found myself in. I rented an office and hired one employee. That employee handled much of the tech side of my business. Continue reading You Can’t Always Succeed Without Help

How to Become a Better Leader

In order to become a better leader, certain things must happen. Understanding that you are not perfect is the first step. Everyone makes mistakes and while no one likes to fail, it is going to happen from time to time. Even the best leaders in the world have failed in the past. What makes them different from others who have failed is that they have learned from their errors. This simply means that they recognize their mistakes, and they make sure they are not repeated. They analyze everything that went wrong and simply make adjustments so the mistakes are not repeated.

Understanding that a team can make better progress than a single individual is also a step to becoming a great leader. Those people who think they can do it all on their own are nearly always the ones who fail. Continue reading How to Become a Better Leader

How to Be a Better Leader

Leadership is a position everyone wants, without actually knowing if they’re qualified for it. Everyone sees the leader as a coveted position that gets all the glory, but the truth is that leadership is something that something that many people are just not ready for. But what if you are a natural leader? How can you get better? Here are some tips for being an even more effective leader.

1-Listen. This is a quality that a good leader needs to have, and most people don’t realize it. Leading is about more than just telling people what to do; true leadership is guidance in a way that benefits the company or organization. You can’t be a good leader unless you are listening all the time. You have to listen to customer complaints. You need to hear about trends in your industry. You have to listen to concerns from your employees. Continue reading How to Be a Better Leader